Chef David Kirkland

Kirkland began cooking in the early 1990s at Catering St. Louis, Frazier’s Brown Bag, Venice Café and the Café at St. Louis Art Museum.

In 1996, he relocated to San Francisco with interests in pursueing a cooking career; instead Kirkland’s music career began to take off. While a resident DJ at several important clubs in San Francisco, he never lost his love for food and continued to cook for friends and family. It was during this time that he absorbed the Bay area approach to the culinary arts, which he uses in many of his dishes today.

After moving back to St. Louis, Kirkland started cooking for art related events and private parties. The Director of Craft Alliance, Boo McLoughlin, referred Kirkland to the owner of Bowood Farms and Café Osage, and based on his Bay Area influences and his farm to table cooking style, Kirkland helped the McPheeters build out their kitchen.

David Kirkland has been chef and manager of Café Osage since the café opened in 2008, designing his menus with a local farm to table philosophy people have come to love and respect. Utilizing fresh grown vegetables from the Bowood Farms garden, Kirkland works closely with the region’s growers and farmers to plan for each season and to promote sustainability in the St. Louis restaurant scene.

As of April 2016, Kirkland is embarking on a new endeavor in his culinary career, David Kirkland Catering, located in the new Kranzberg Arts Foundation Theater Art Incubator, the .Zack in midtown. In spring 2017, in the same venue, Kirkland will open his restaurant Turn by David Kirkland. Currently, Kirkland is designing and overseeing the café at the Contemporary Art Museum.